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PersonalCare Brochure (DE, AT) 


Depending on your needs we can take over the responsibility of the full value chain for you from product development over raw material supply, mixing, blending, packaging until the final product.
Take a look at our brochure and find out more about our applications SkinCare, BabyCare, HairCare, SunCare, OralCare and BodyCare.





Newsletter Oliveactive MASLINOX C

Revolutionary triple encapsulated capable of unifying the best whitening action and anti spot actives. OA Maslinico, OA Hidroxitirosol and Vitamin C in a researched and unique proportion, fused in a single capsule, act synergically and reach higher results than Vit C or Hydroquinone.

Newsletter PlusXanthin™

Are you looking for an antioxidant with multi-functional effect by microbial fermentative production? Your solution is PlusXanthin™, a carotenoid (Deinoxanthin) from our partner LABIO. It can help to reduce wrinkle, especially improve “Eye bag”.

Newsletter LUMOROL K 1000 & K 5229

Bath/Shower Oils & Bath Milks
Unlike conventional bath foam, bath or shower oils do not contain foaming surfactants, which is why they are particularly recommended for sensitive and dry skin. The skin layers are supplied with many important nutrients as well as moisture and the natural protective barrier is strengthened, which, among other things, prevents premature skin ageing and provides a soft and pleasant skin feeling after the well-deserved full bath. Lumerol K series from our partner Zschimmer & Schwarz providing spontaneous dispersing of bath oils with a direct “blooming effect” and a very white/turbid emulsion without stirring.

Newsletter maxBerry Oil SC

This oil manufactured from wild bilberry seeds that contains essential fatty acids, namely linoleic acid (LA) and linolenic acid. It contains PUFA 8Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids) up to more than 60%.

Newsletter Teeth Whitening

HARKE PersonalCare is happy to advise you on the formulation of whitening products
that will bleach your teeth and still work safely.
EURECO™ HC is a unique auxiliary material for cosmetics, which readily
delivers superior bleaching performance and disinfection under mild and
safe condition.

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Newsletter Skin Brightening

Agingspots are always part of our everyday life, as we are constantly
surrounded by the sun and the UV rays that come with it, causing a pigmentation disorder.

We would like to present you various active ingredients with whitening
properties to reduce the existing dark spots and to achieve
an even complexion

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Newsletter Pollena Aroma®

We want to introduce our new partner for fragrance compositions – Pollena Aroma®. Pollena Aroma® is Polands largest producer for food aromas and fragrances with a range counting tens of thousands of references, from standard popular products at competitive price to the most sophisticated tailor-made perfumes.

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Newsletter Anti-Inflammation

Usually the disturbance of skin’s protective barrier is involved in redness.
Over-sensitive nerves, mental stress, increased allergy ten[1]dency may be
triggering factors for inflammation.

HARKE PersonalCare is ready to advise you on the formulation of soothing
products imparting an even look to skin. In the following, we describe some
active ingredients with anti-inflammation properties.

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Newsletter MELATULINE ®

Our partner MELALEUCA Poland Ltd. has developed an effective
technology to obtain the Spilanthes Acmella Extract, containing min. 5% of spilanthol.
Thanks to their own plantation we are able to solve the shortage
of the extract that exists at the moment.


Newsletter SyncTonin24

SyncTonin24 can improve the appearance of the skin with cellulite.
It is a natural complex extract with the ability to synchronize the circadian rhythm
consists of natural cosmetic agent for skin elasticity containing phyto-melatonin
and serotonin.


Newsletter Upcycling

What is “upcycling”? Upcycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste
materials or discarded objects into new materials or products. Food and beverage
waste represent the main source of materials that can be upcycled into beauty
products, particularly into natural and organic cosmetics since they have rich
properties for the skin.



MELATULINE® is a natural, ecological cosmetic raw material obtained by
extraction from the aboveground parts of Acmella oleracea plant grown in Polish
Podlasie. Effective action of the raw material is ensured by the active
substance called SPILANTHOL.


Newsletter Biodiversity


Uute Scientific Oy owns the trademark called Reconnecting Nature™.
It is the microbe extract, which brings microbial diversity of natural environments
back to people and helps them in the development of a strong immune system.