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Our raw materials enable your detergents and disinfectants to fight dirt, scale and bacteria effectively and make cleaning for your customers in household easy. Home Care has a large product portfolio of certified raw materials and additives. Our products are used in the production of many different detergents and disinfectants: Starting from washing powders, dish washing liquids and multi purpose cleaners up to the production of special detergents. Whether shining bright, streak free gleaming or absolutely clean – we deliver high quality products for clean results. Our raw materials provide that your clean care product will not give scale, soil and bacteria any chance, making cleaning a lot easier for the users household.

Additives  Biocides – Bleaching Agents  Builders & ChelatesFilm Formers & Performance Polymers - Rheology Modifiers Solvents Surfactans 


                       Industrial Fragrances                                                     Detergent Industry

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