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Flyer HARKE Food

We, HARKE Food, have been involved in the development and procurement of
functional raw materials for the food industry for many years.
We offer innovative clean label solutions for stabilisation, shelf life extension,
texture improvement and sugar, salt and fat reduction.We also offer many of
our products in organic and baby food quality.
Our products can help you to improve the quality of your products and to
follow current trends, as well as to save money or to open up a new customer segment.


Food & Nutra Brochure

Based on our long experience in the markets, we know exactly what can help
you best to make your product successful.
The results are our HARKE Products! Take a look at our brochure and find
out more about our application areas.

Recipe HARKEGreen Vegan Sausage

We would like to present you our #deliciousrecipe for vegan sausages.
Just one of the many things where our #organic and clean label
products can be perfectly used to support you in your everyday life
and help you prepare 
vegan and healthy dishes.

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Flyer Olive Fruit Extracts

Phenolea®, NatComplex®, Acryless® and Phenolea® Superfood are the brand names of the olive fruit natural extracts produced by our partner PhenoFarm®. These are water soluble extracts rich in microelements with secondary
antioxidant and chelating properties that ensure multi-functional benefits
to food products.


Flyer Natural Ingredients Rice

We have a special focus on our rice products. Our syrups in particular stand
out due to their diversity.
Our range includes a variety of liquid viscous syrup types and spray-dried
powder variants, from clear syrup to brown syrup.
Compared to conventional sugar, our syrup is slightly reduced in calories and
serves as a declaration-friendly sweetener.
We can offer these syrups in various sweetening units, clarifications and
brand new, as low sugar syrup.


Flyer Natural Ingredients Tapioka

Our tapioca fibres are also an important part of our product portfolio.
We distribute these for our partner Fibervita. The applications of the product
are divided into many different areas. On the one hand, it can be used
in various yoghurts and puddings, but it is also good in dressings, ice cream
or in beer processing.
The product extracted from the tapioca tuber, with its water-binding property,
is a good alternative to various proteins or other fibres.
There is a good elastic and emulsifying effect here.


Flyer Cellulose Derivates

You can build the base for your best food product with the excellent
properties of Cellulose.
In addition, the Cellulosics have unique benefits in relation to thickening
comparing to other Hydrocolloids.
The main important benefits are that the reversible thermogelation process, it
has a lot of viscosity steps, it can improve moisture retention and build an
emulsion while binding water and oil and you can replace allergic binder, like eggs.
In bakery, meat or meat alternatives, dairy or convenience, the Cellulosics
helps to improve your results for example in hot/cold applications, dispersions and dry blends.


Vegan Plum Cake

Here you can find a delicious recipe for vegan plum cake.
Just one of the many things where our products can be perfectly used to
support you in your everyday life and help you prepare delicious and
healthy dishes.