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HARKE Pharma Brochure

Harke Pharma stands for more than 40 years of supporting our Customers in
their development and optimization of innovative dosage forms,
by offering extensive technical support, rounded up by a broad
range of specialized excipients and selected APIs.

Take a look at our brochure and find out more about our applications, products and partners.


Flyer Alternatives to Titanium Dioxide

  • Titanium Dioxide/TiO2
    (E171) is considered genotoxic because genotoxicity could not be ruled out and
    a safe daily intake could not be established.
    • The EFSA has updated its safety assessment of TiO2
    to “no longer considered safe as a food additive“.
  • TiO2
     can be easily replaced by galenIQ™720 or Talc Micro Ace P-3 for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical