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HARKE Home & PersonalCare Brochure (CH)

Depending on your needs we can take over the responsibility of the full
value chain for you from product development over raw material supply, mixing,
blending, packaging until the final product.
Take a look at our brochure and find out more about our applications.


HARKE HomeCare, I&I, Automotive Care Brochure (DA)

Depending on your needs we can take over the responsibility of the full value
chain for you from product development over raw material supply, mixing,
blending, packaging until the final product.
Take a look at our brochure and find out more about our applications.



Flyer HARKE HomeCare, I&I

HARKE Business Units HomeCare and I&I stand for more than 50 years of
experience in distribution of raw materials for the detergent industry.
We offer innovative products of excellent suppliers and assist you concerning
the formulation of new products.
Our technologists provide you with detailed product information and keep you
informed about the latest trends.




In recent years Solvay’s EURECO™ (based on PAP: 6-phthalimido peroxy hexanoic acid) has become increasingly popular in consumer and professional detergents markets and in personal care products. It is known for its effectiveness in removing stubborn stains (grass, tea, coffee, tomato, etc.), getting rid of malodour and in killing germs, bacteria and fungi on textiles and hard surfaces. While it is extremely effective, its eco-toxicological profile is very convenient. Gentle on skin and odorless, EURECO™ does not release Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) or Chlorine into the environment.

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Newsletter Mirapol® Surf N

Natural & biodegradable performance ingredients in homecare are a consumer and regulatory driven musthave! Biodegradable/sustainable claims have gone from niche to mainstream in less than a decade. Consumers expect value for their money. Sustainability cannot (anymore) be at expense of Performance. Key FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) players voluntarily
include ingredients biodegradability as one of their key sustainability commitments. Upcoming REACH polymer regulations will enforce strong biodegradability standards beyond microplastics. The NEW sustainable Mirapol® Surf N Polymers use Solvay’s unique hydrophilizing technology to adsorb on surfaces, form a protective, rinse-resistant barrier and facilitate several benefits through water sheeting and soil release mechanisms.

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Newsletter Verdant

On the following, you will find a range of secondary surfactants and specialty solutions
from our partner Verdant for home, hygiene and industrial applications.
Every product in this meets the regulatory requirements for its recommended uses
and is made in a way that minimizes environmental impact.

Many are from renewable, sustainable feedstocks.

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Newsletter “Powdered Betaine”

Verdant has found a new way to produce betaines in powder form. We can support
your needs for concentrated, powdered sur[1]factants with outstanding performance
and to save water. From toilet bricks to laundry powders, from detergent tablets to
surface cleaner concentrates, our ingredients are suitable for a wide range of

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Newsletter Pollena Aroma 

We want to introduce our new partner for fragrance compositions – Pollena Aroma®.
Pollena Aroma® is Polands largest producer for food aromas and fragrances with
a range counting tens of thousands of references, from standard popular products
at competitive price to the most sophisticated tailor-made perfumes.

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Newsletter Flexistat WR-152

Anti-Crease Laundry Spray is a great helper in the field of laundry care, reduces
wrinkles and smoothes the textiles without ironing.
A great innovation for home and an indispensable problem solver for on the road,
on vacation or at work.

Newsletter Bio-EO Surfactant Range

Solvay is innovating by finding a new way of manufacturing ethoxylated surfactants
to reduce the carbon footprint of this product by using ethylene oxide made from
sugar cane instead of petrochemical feedstock.

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Newsletter Clean Bike, Car, Rail & Truck

Making bikes and vehicles fit for summer. Our raw materials make cleaning easier
and long lasting.
For the best possible support we help directly with some guide formulations.
On request we can help you to develop a concentrated product in
water soluble film.


Newsletter Outdoor Spring Cleaning

The right choice of powerful raw materials is crucial to ensure that spring
cleaning can be done quickly and your customer have an easy start into
the summer time.


Newsletter Mackam® OIP 40

A P-free hydrotrope suitable for middle to high level alkaline conditions.
It fits well with neutral & synthetic alcohols based EO/PO block copolymer
nonionic surfactants.


Newsletter Thetawet Grades

If you’re looking for exceptional wetting  agents that are efficient at
low end-use concentrations, take a look at Thetawet shortchain


Newsletter Hard Surface Treatment

Felxipel is an aqueous, water stable, reactive silane which readily dissolves in
water to produce a range of benefits including antistatic, lubricity, water
repellency and scratch resistance.
This product can be used to provide high wa[1]ter bead-up in drying
additive for car wash.


Newsletter Actizone F5

If you are looking to enter the new long-lasting desinfection business, this new
product from Solvay could be your key.
COVID-19 has shifted the traditional detergent cleaner market, as customers
are now looking for long lasting antimicrobial protection as well as cleaning power.
That´s why we´re excited to introduce you to Actizone™, a new solution from
Solvay that ofeers long lasting desinfection technology.


Newsletter Augeo

You are struggeling to source glycol ethers? Augeo® family from Solvay is a
sustainable alternative to petrochemical solvents like DPM, MMB, DPMA
and Ethanol.
Augeo® is an innovative line of solvents developed grom glycerin, a renewable
source, based on sustainability and high performance.


Newsletter Rheozan
Rheozan® BLC is a new natural, 100% biodegradable rheological agent that
offers new possibilities to suspend objects in detergent formulations without
impacting perceived viscosity.