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Welcome to Chemllink Specialities

Chemlink Specialities Ltd is a speciality chemical distributor based in Manchester, United Kingdom, and operating across the UK and EIRE. We aim to solve any chemical supply challenges you have, bringing more than 30 years’ experience from a wide variety of industries.

Chemlink offers an application and formulation led approach to chemical distribution, backed by a comprehensive product range from quality manufacturers. We aim to bring innovative products and chemistry to your applications.

With our own laboratories and the backing of our principals we are confident we can add value to your business, particularly with regard to product development at a time when the formulator faces so many regulatory challenges.


About Chemlink Specialities Ltd:

Chemlink Specialities Ltd was established in 1994 by Peter Minister and operates as a speciality distributor of chemicals across UK and Eire. Chemlink Specialities Ltd was formerly part of the Chemlink Group of five companies including Addi-Tec Limited. Offering more than a standard distributor, Chemlink Specialities Ltd has on-site lab facilities and is able to offer services such as: formulation development, reformulation, micro testing and performance testing, regulatory advice, sourcing and sample provision, as well as UK stock holding and warehouse to provide a fast turnaround. Their focus is on the UK and Eire personal care, household and industrial, and pharmaceutical industries in particular.

On February 22nd 2019, HARKE GROUP, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany acquired Chemlink Specialities Ltd.


 Chemlink Specialities Ltd
     Peter Minister House, 26-30 Station Rd,

     Manchester M41 9JQ

  +161 629 2129

  +161 629 2128